The next cause of high BP to tackle was exercise.  Not an easy one for me – too many easy excuses for avoiding formal exercise session at gyms and sports halls.

I started by trying to increase the amount of walking I do.  Quite easy in the summer but not in the winter.




In January I began Tai Chi classes.  They are deceptively gentle and I’m really enjoying them but still have a long, long way to go with it.





A fortnight ago I got a new bike.  Since then I’ve been out riding as often as I can, only for half an hour at a time so far, but I have plans…





8 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. Beautiful bicycle. I love riding mine, and the difference in my leg strength is a good indication of the benefit of riding it. I have tried Tai Chi, and really like the flow of the movements, but never seem to find a good chunk of time for it. Good luck.

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